Exciting News and Calgary’s Crafted Artisan Truck

The Crafted Truck

I’m super excited to announce that starting April 2015 Crafted by Lindy greetings cards, calendars and art prints will be found on The Crafted Artisan Truck, Calgary’s first mobile artisan truck!

The Crafted Artisan Truck is owned and operated by Pam Morales, the crafter behind the Etsy shop Bubblegum Belles, and will hit the streets for the first time this coming Spring. Crafted Truck will offer a selection of unique and modern handmade goods from artists in Calgary and across Canada. The truck can be found in Calgary and surrounding areas at festivals, outdoor markets and community events. For more information check out The Crafted Artisan Truck’s website, facebook, twitter and instagram pages.

Stay tuned for more info in the Spring!

Personalized BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza
I recently discovered what I like to call a secret ingredient that’s made eating home made pizza so much more enjoyable. In fact this personalized BBQ Chicken Pizza has become a favourite lunch time treat. Naan Bread is my new go to for pizza crust. It’s so good and chewy and is just the perfect base for whatever toppings you prefer.

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Naan Pizza Bread (found at Superstore. I’m sure regular Naan Bread would work too though)
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce
Chicken (leftovers work great!)
White Onion thinly sliced

Drizzle Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce over the Naan Pizza Bread and spread around with a spoon or knife. Add the chicken and white onion. Top with cheese of your choice. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for roughly 6 – 7 minutes or until cheese melts. Cut and serve!

Mmmm, mmmm, good!


Free Christmas Postcard Printables

Free Christmas Postcard Printables

Today I have another offering for you as part of my Free Postcard Printable series. Last February I offered these free Valentines Printables followed by these You’ve Been Egged Printables for Easter. Both I’m happy to report worked great as postcards so I’m back today with a Christmas Ornament, Christmas Tree and Snowflake version just in time for holiday card season!

Free Christmas Postcard Printable

Free Christmas Postcard Printables
Print, cut the images out, write out your message and address, add a stamp and you’re ready to go!

Just a note: While these have worked great for me as postcards I can’t guarantee they’ll work in all countries as different postal systems have different rules when it comes to what you can and can not mail (size, shape, etc.). If you’re willing to risk the cost of a stamp though I’d give it a go!

Click on the pictures below to download.

Free Christmas Tree Postcard Printable

Free Christmas Ornament Postcard Printable Free Snowflake Christmas Postcard Printable

For best printing results:
• Use 100lb paper or higher
• Set print quality to high
• Set print sizing to none or actual size

© Crafted by Lindy. For personal use only. Not to be used for commercial purposes or redistributed. Thank you!

Happy card giving!

Etsy Made In Canada – Giant 3D Wood Sign

DIY Giant Wood 3D Sign
One of my favourite decorations at Septembers Etsy Made in Canada – Calgary event was this giant 4′ x 5′ sign which was a replication of the poster advertisements that Etsy designed. I knew I wanted to have something large and eye catching as soon as people walked into the event space. While staring at the poster one day I realized that the polka dot Made In Canada logo on a much larger scale would do the trick! Below you’ll find a step by step tutorial on making your own Giant 3D Wood Sign.

Giant Polka Dot Sign DIY
First I needed some hardboard. I went to Home Depot and purchased a 4′ x 8′ piece of 3/8″ hardboard and had someone cut it down to size for me right there in the store. I needed another 2′ x 3′ foot piece of hardboard for another sign I was working on for the event (more details to come in a future post) so this left me with a 4′ x 5′ piece of hardboard to make the giant Made In Canada sign with.

Etsy Made In Canada 3D Sign
I then painted the hardboard with 2 coats of white primer.

Etsy Made In Canada 3D Sign
Then 3 coats of Etsy Orange. I had the paint store colour match the paint to the Etsy poster I had to make sure the orange was accurate. Thank goodness for colour matching technology!

Giant Made In Canada Polka Dot Sign - Tutorial
Shortly after prepping the hardboard I happened to be visiting my parents so I enlisted their help to figure out a few of the details for the sign. First off I blew up an image of the Made In Canada logo in Word to fit a 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper and then asked my mom print it out for me on a transparency sheet. My dad and I then headed to his art studio where we used an overhead projector (best invention ever!) to blow the image up to roughly fit the size of the sign (4′ x 5′). I then measured the dots to determine the thickness of doweling I’d need to buy to recreate them in 3D. I needed 1″ doweling.

Giant 3D Polka Dot Sign - Tutorial
Once the doweling was purchased I cut it into discs roughly 1/4″ in thickness using my dads band saw.

Made In Canada 3D Sign
Once all 240 tiny little discs were cut out I enlisted some family members to help me sand them all smooth. Thank you family members!

Etsy Made In Canada 3D Sign
I then spread the discs out in a cardboard box and spray painted them with white primer. I had to do multiple coats as the paint kept getting absorbed by the doweling. Roughly 6 coats later most of the little discs were a nice white colour.

Etsy Made In Canada Sign
I also painted some of the discs grey. They too took many, many coats of paint!

Etsy Made In Canada 3D Sign
Finally I spray painted some Etsy letters that my dad cut for me out of left over 3/8″ hardboard.

Etsy Made In Canada Sign
Once I had all of the pieces ready I set up shop in my garage. I propped the painted hardboard up against the stairs. I then turned the projector on and adjusted the distance until the words “Etsy Made In Canada” where the size I wanted. Using hot glue I then attached each dot to the hardboard following the poster design so that I knew which dots were white and which ones were grey. Finally I attached the letters.

Etsy Made In Canada 3D Sign
Here’s the final look once all the dots and the letters were glued on.

Etsy Made in Canada 3D Sign
And here’s what the sign looked like after I turned the projector off and opened the garage door. I was doing a little happy dance at this point in case you were wondering! I was so happy with how it turned out! A special thanks to my 4 year old for her modeling abilities.

Etsy Made In Canada 3D Sign
Here’s a side view once it was hung up at the event space. It was set up right next to the sign in table and I noticed a few people taking pictures with it! Success!

Just a note for anyone about to attempt their own 3D Wood Sign. Don’t use hot glue to attach your wood doweling or letters. As it turns out hot glue is not so permanent. Before the event some of the dots and 2 of the letters fell off. We used glue dots to attach them back on and they stayed put during the event. Since then though about a quarter of the dots and all of the letters have fallen off. One of these days I plan on fixing the sign but with wood glue for a more permanent bond as hopefully this sign will get used again and again at future events! Right now it’s enjoying it’s new home in my basement.

Etsy Made In Canada 3D Sign
One last picture of the sign as it hung from a fence during the event. I drilled 2 small 1/4″ holes into the top of the sign. I then strung some brown twine through the holes and hung the sign from 2 nails I hammered into the top of the fence. Done!

There were a lot of steps involved but the sign turned out exactly as it was pictured in my head so for me all the hard work was totally worth it!

The End

Friday Feature: EvolutionaryFarms

EvolutionaryFarms on Etsy

Evolutionary Farms on Etsy Evolutionary Farms on Etsy has some dang good looking food not to mention beautiful product photography. I call that a win, win! Check them out here.

Happy harvest everyone!


Friday Feature: catfriendo

paper art by catfriendo on Etsy
The paper art made by catfriendo on Etsy blows my mind! The detail is amazing! You can see more wonderful paper art pieces here.

Have a great weekend all!


Friday Freature: Becky Warren Design

Becky Warren Design
Every time I see this card it makes me giggle. You can check out more “punny” cards in the shop Becky Warren Design on Etsy.

Happy Friday!

Free Printable 2015 Calendar

Free Printable 2015 Calendar

IMG_7271 crop Free Printable 2015 Calendar

It’s that time again! Free Calendar Time! Every year I make myself a calendar that I can print out and use to keep track of all our family activities and I decided why not share it with all of you! Yay for sharing! Below you’ll find 15 downloadable pages starting this month, October 2014 ending December 2015. This years Free Printable 2015 Calendar design is a simple but colourful banner. You can check out last years design here. Happy organizing!

October 2014
November 2014
December 2014
January 2015
February 2015
March 2015
April 2015
May 2015
June 2015
July 2015
August 2015
September 2015
October 2015
November 2015
December 2015

Be sure to set your print scaling to None or Actual Size so that the calendar will print correctly.

This calendar is for personal use only. It’s not to be redistributed or used for commercial purposes. If you want to share this calendar please link to this post. Thank you!

Friday Feature: Stationery Boutique

Stationery Boutique
Is it weird that I want to buy these business cards exactly as is? Brilliant!

Check out Stationery Boutique on Etsy.

Happy Friday!

Etsy Made In Canada Pop-Up Market – Calgary

Etsy Made In Canada

This past Saturday, September 27th Etsy hosted pop-up markets in 22 cities across Canada! I had the pleasure of being asked to do the event decorations for the Calgary market. The whole day was a huge success and so much fun! I’m so grateful that I got to be part of such a wonderful event! Here are some pictures of the day.

Symons Valley Ranch Calgary

The Calgary market was held at Symons Valley Ranch. They were so great to work with and even offered to put the giant Etsy Made In Canada sign on their building.

Made In Canada Decor

Some of the 40+ Etsy vendors that participated on Saturday were located inside the building with the majority of the vendors being housed under these large red and white tents just outside the main farmers market space. The outdoor space had a very rustic feel with wood fences, brick and mulch.

Bunting decoration for Etsy Made in Canada Calgary

In order to brighten up the space I decided to make colourful ribbon bunting. Here’s a close up of some of the bunting that Suzy of Tinged and I made.

Chalkboard Sign for Etsy Made In Canada Calgary

We also hung the bunting up inside the market where the other vendors were located as well as in the photo booth area as a backdrop for pictures. In the photo booth area I asked my friend Rozzie if she could make us some chalkboard typography signs. She made this amazing one for the photo booth area as well as the Welcome Sign as seen in the first picture of this post. You can see more of Rozzie’s amazing chalkboard art on her Instagram feed.

Photo Booth Made In Canada

Here’s what the photo booth area looked like.

Photobooth Props Made In Canada

For photo booth props I found some old picture frames and spray painted them bright orange and yellow. I also made some “I am Canadian” and “I heart Handmade” signs and I gathered up other props such as masks, fun glasses, lollipop erasers, flowers, etc. to be used.

Photobooth Made In Canada

Photobooth Made In Canada

The photo booth area turned out so great! It was used constantly all day and it was so fun seeing everyone have such a great time with it!

Floral Centerpieces on Picnic Table for Made In Canada

The space also had 3 picnic tables. One of them we used as a colouring area for kids complete with colouring pages and stickers. The other two I covered in a floral sheet that I bought at a second hand store. I cut the sheet in half and each side fit the tables perfectly. I asked my dad to cut up some firewood he had in his backyard to be used as centerpiece coasters and I bought bright yellow flowers to put into bell jars that I already had.

Made In Canada 3D sign

Another element of the event decorations was this 4 foot x 5 foot 3D sign I made of the official Etsy Made In Canada poster design. This was one of those ideas that I get but I’m never sure if I can actually pull off. In the end it turned out exactly how I imagined. It was a lot of work but I’m so thrilled with it and I could not have done it without the help and knowledge of my dad, Adrian Cooke! I’m going to share more about the making of this sign in another blog post soon. Pictured above is the event organizers and crew for the Calgary Etsy Made In Canada market. Left to Right: Jillian of Logee Photography, Hilda of Handmade Therapy, Lindy (me) of Crafted by Lindy and Suzy of Tinged.

Etsy Made In Canada 3D Sign

Here’s a side view of the sign.

Crafted by Lindy Booth Etsy Made In Canada

On top of doing the event decorations I was also a vendor at the market. Here’s my table set up. Another shout out to my dad for making the peg board display for me so that I could add some height to my display. More on that in another post.

Nature of Crafty Things Vendor Table

Here’s my table buddy Kasia of Nature of Crafty Things! I’m so glad she shared a table with me!

Vendors Etsy Made In Canada Calgary

More amazing Etsy vendors, Rachel of TheBleachedTee and Becky Warren of Becky Warren Design.

Vendors Made In Canada Calgary

Carly of FollyaTet.

Vendors Made In Canada Calgary

Amazing products from Tribes Society and Medicine River Soap Co.

Vendors Etsy Made In Canada Calgary

Jillian and Curtis of RainyGator and Chika of Chika Ando.

Symons Valley Ranch Farmers Market Tents

And just like that it was over! If you’d like to see some behind the scenes pictures of the making of the event decorations you can check out my Instagram feed here.

Till next year!

For more pictures and details of the day visit the Handmade Therapy blog.

Photos by: Handmade Therapy and Crafted by Lindy

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