You’ve Been Egged Easter Printable

Easter Printable on Crafted by Lindy

I’m very happy to report that these Valentines Day Printables I shared with you back in February worked great as postcards! They made it to their destination and remained unharmed in the process. Because of this happy news I thought I’d offer up some You’ve Been Egged Easter Printables! Scroll down to the bottom for the free downloads.

Easter Printable on Crafted by Lindy

Easter Printable on Crafted by Lindy

Easter Printable on Crafted by Lindy

I may have asked for one too many pictures! Ha! Poor girl!

Easter Printables on Crafted by Lindy

These printables can be used in many ways. If you want to use them as postcards just add a message, address and stamp onto the back and pop them in the mail. As I mentioned with my Valentine Postcards I can’t guarantee they’ll arrive as these certainly aren’t official looking postcards but if you’re okay with risking the price of the stamp then I say give them a shot. It’s always fun to brighten up someones mailbox! You can send as single postcards or put a whole bunch into one envelopes and really “egg” someone!

Easter Printables on Crafted by Lindy

It would also be fun to “egg” someones door. Include some Easter treats on the door handle and you’re good to go! Just make sure to use a low tack tape so as to not harm anyone’s house in the process.

Downloads -
Green & Purple
Pink & Blue
Yellow & Orange

Happy Easter!

How to Make a Three Layer Pinata Cake

3 Layer Pinata Cake on Crafted by Lindy

So we had the Frozen party for our daughter a couple of weekends ago but her real birthday was during the week. We didn’t want to go all out again but we had to do something special. I saw this Pinata Cake on The Subtle Revelry and knew my daughter would go nuts for it. I decided to combine this Pinata Cake idea with my go to 3 Layer Cake and this is the result. It was a huge hit! Here’s how I did it…

3 Layer Pinata Cake on Crafted by Lindy

1. First bake some cakes from scratch or box mixes. I used 2 box mixes which gave me 4 round cakes.
2. Take one of the cakes and cut off the “dome” making the cake flat on top.
3. Then take some buttercream icing and add a layer all around the outside rim of the cake. Avoid the inside because you won’t want to get icing all over your candy.
4. Next grab another cake and cut a circle out of the middle. Place this second cake on top of the first cake. You’ll notice that the icing adheres the two layers together but you’re left with an open, dry cavity ready for candy.
5. Add some candy. I went with jelly beans, some sweet sugar candies and wrapped tutti fruttis. I wanted a variety of candies and for them to be colourful. I avoided sour candies because I didn’t want all the sour sugar getting into the cake therefore making the cake sour, yuck! You know unless you’re into that sort of thing! : )

3 Layer Pinata Cake on Crafted by LIndy

Mmmmm, candy!

3 Layer Pinata Cake on Crafted by Lindy

6. Next add some icing around the outer edge of your second cake so it’ll adhere itself to the top layer of your cake.

IMG_5610 blog

7. Then place your third cake on the top.

3 Layer Pinata Cake on Crafted by Lindy

8. Finally ice that bad boy hiding all it’s secrets inside. See looks like your normal standard birthday cake right? I used my butter cream icing recipe and added a cute little cake topper I made with an Oh Joy For Target napkin.

3 Layer Pinata Cake on Crafted by Lindy

Come on! That’s a cute expression right?! She was thrilled!

3 Layer Pinata Cake on Crafted by Lindy


3 Layer Pinata Cake on Crafted by Lindy

How to Make Tissue Paper Garland

Tissue Paper Garland
I love how this Tissue Paper Garland turned out for my daughters Frozen Birthday Party. We have 9 foot ceilings so I like to hang different kinds of garland as much as possible for parties. I was looking for something super simple this time but with lots of impact. I saw this picture on Green Wedding Shoes and I knew this was it! There was no tutorial for how to make the tissue garland though so I figured it out on my own. See instructions below.
Tissue Paper Garland
I bought tissue paper from Target. The paper sheets were 16.5″ wide x 24″ long. I folded each sheet in half length wise making 8.25″ wide x 24″ long pieces. Then from the open side I started cutting approximately 1″ wide strips up the paper stopping about 1.5″ – 2″ from the folded edge. I continued doing this all the way down the length of the tissue paper.
Tissue  Paper Garland
This is what it looks like when it’s done. I did 6 sheets per colour.
Tissue Paper Garland
I then hung 4 lengths of fishing line from my kitchen cupboards to my curtain rods. I then opened each piece of tissue paper and flipped it over the fishing line so that the fold in each piece of tissue paper lined up perfectly with the fishing line keeping the paper in place. I then smoothed out all the 1″ strips so they were all hanging down.
Tissue Paper Garland
Done! I really like how it turned out and it didn’t take that much time. I would have done 2 – 4 more but I ran out of time! 4 worked perfectly though in the end!


How To Mold Sugar Candy Using Cookie Cutters

IMG_5389 for blog
Yesterday I posted about my daughters Frozen Birthday Party. Today I’m sharing with you how I made the Hard Sugar Candy I used as the base for the cake as well as for the “snowflake” that Elsa is standing on.
Frozen Cake Hard Sugar Candy Base
I saw a post on making Ice Candy on Bubbly Nature Creations and loved the way the sugar candy looked like ice. I knew I wanted to do something with sugar candy in order to get the same effect but I had never made it before. Turns out it’s pretty easy but does take some patience!
Sugar Candy
You can get the recipe I used on Bubbly Nature Creations. I followed it exactly but I will say that it took a lot longer than I was expecting. I thought the mixture would turn clear as the sugar melted but instead it stayed cloudy like the picture above. I just kept stirring until I couldn’t feel the sugar grit in the mixture anymore. About 15 minutes, give or take.
Boiling Hard Sugar Candy
I then brought the mixture to a boil as stated in the instructions and I inserted my candy thermometer. I highly recommend a candy thermometer! Worked like a charm but again it did take longer than I expected. I just let the mixture boil and boil till the thermometer told me it was at the Hard Crack stage. 20 – 25 minutes.
Hard Sugar Candy Base
I then added some blue and green food colouring and mixed it into the sugar. Once the colour was mixed in I poured the sugar into this greased serving tray and let it spread itself out.
Cookie Cutter Mold for Hard Sugar Candy
Now here’s the cool part! I also poured some of the candy into this cookie cutter! I wasn’t sure it would work but it did! It really did! First I dipped the cookie cutter about 3/4 of the way down into a tub of margarine in order to grease the sides. Worked great! Then using margarine I greased a section of wax paper. I then poured some sugar into the cookie cutter. I then put a glass filled with water on top in order to weigh the cookie cutter down and prevent any sugar from coming out the bottom. A little did but it broke off easily after the sugar was cooled.
Hard Sugar Candy Mold
Once cooled I gently peeled the wax paper off of the bottom (next time I think I’ll grease a cookie sheet instead of using wax paper as the paper did stick to the candy a little bit). I then gently removed the cookie cutter from the candy. The cookie cutter was flexible so I just worked one section at a time until the sugar piece came right out.
Hard Sugar Candy Snowflake
I am so thrilled with how well this worked. I’ll definitely be doing this again and again!
Hard Sugar Candy Snowflake using Cookie Cutter as mold
How cool is that! Love it!

Frozen Birthday Party

Frozen Birthday Party
My daughter turned 4 this past weekend. For months she insisted on having a Frozen birthday party even though she didn’t see the movie until about 2 weeks before her party. Even with little planning it still turned out pretty great! One of my favourite things was this life sized Olaf that I made. The kids loved him!
Frozen Birthday Party Tissue Banner
I was so happy with how this tissue garland turned out. DIY post to come soon!
Frozen Birthday Cake
I had a lot of fun with her cake.
Frozen Birthday Cake
I made hard sugar candy (tutorial coming soon) as the base for the cake and for the “snowflake” that Elsa is standing on. I added blue sprinkles to the cake mix to make a funfetti cake. I printed off a picture of Arendelle for the backdrop and I borrowed Frozen figurines from a friend to top the cake.

Frozen Birthday Cake
Olaf was the only figurine I didn’t have so I improvised by printing him out on paper and gluing a toothpick on the backside to keep him up.
Frozen Party Games
For activities we had “Frozen Bingo”, “Pin the Nose on Olaf” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”. The kids loved them all!
Frozen Decorations, Food, and Favors
We had hotdogs and pulled pork sandwiches along with veggies, potatoes salad, chips and fresh salsa. For dessert of course cake but also an ice cream bar. I added white and blue sugar to the rims of all the glasses and we served blue punch as well as bottled water. Finally for the treat bags I bought blue sour candies, blueberry candy sticks and flavoured popcorn complete with fun tags!
Building a Snowman
The birthday girl took building her snowman very seriously. Supplies included large and small marshmallows, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, cheesies, chocolate frosting and toothpicks to hold everything together.
Frozen Party

Some of her presents from the party.

Happy 4th Birthday little girl!

New Cards in the Shop

IMG_0125 For Blog

IMG_0130 For Blog

2 New Cards hit the shop today! A fun grey “Pucker Up” Mustache Card and a bright “Kiss Me You Fool” Red Lip Card. Both are perfect for anniversaries, engagements, weddings, valentines day, etc.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

River 1

River 2

Check out these amazing photos of the Chicago River being dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day! They were taken by Photographer Lee Hogan. You can see more pictures here.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Birthday Party Season

wooden cutlery

I think I’ve been in recovery mode from all the posts I did for Valentine’s Day. Well I’m happy to say that I’ll be back very soon with more fun posts as St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are quickly approaching. Also Spring is what I affectionately call Birthday Party Season around our house so there’s sure to be some fun party posts coming soon as well! Thank you for sticking with me! I hope you’ve all survived Winter! Bring on Spring!

Photo from the lovely website Fete.


Personalized Puzzle Gift

Personalized Puzzle on Crafted by Lindy
Personalized Puzzle on Crafted by Lindy
Personalized Puzzle on Crafted by Lindy
It’s my Mother-In-Laws birthday today. They moved to the other side of the country last summer so we thought it would be fun to send her a personalized puzzle for her birthday this year. You know to get her grandkid fix. I’ve mentioned Shutterfly before in this post and for the puzzle I went straight to Shutterfly again. They offer fun products and have great prices so it was an easy choice. Also they have lots of different layouts to choose from and the best part, you can ship directly to the giftee which is great when you don’t live anywhere near each other!

What really surprised me though was the quality of the puzzle when it arrived. The photos we used printed out really well, the puzzle is nice and thick and it came in it’s own cardboard box with a photo of the puzzle on top. I don’t know why the box surprised me so much. I guess I was just expecting the whole thing to be thrown into a cello bag or something. Bottom line – I highly recommended!

Photos by Blue Lily Photography



6 New Greeting Card Designs

Greeting Cards by Crafted by Lindy

Exciting News! I’ve just added 6 New Greeting Cards to my shop! I’m so happy with how these turned out! You can see the whole collection here.


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