Free Printable Valentines

It’s Februaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (said in my best Oprah impression)! And February means Valentine’s Day! Now I’m not much for the holiday itself but it sure is fun to craft for! Today I’m sharing my first lovely dovey post of of 2014 with you. Printable Valentines! These are on the big side so while they may not fit your standard sized envelope they can be used in so many other ways. Print them out and stick them all over a loved ones car or plaster them all over a friends front door. Print out a bunch and send a “heart attack” in the mail. Or do what I’m planning on and use these bad boys as postcards. Write your message on one side and put the address and stamp on the other and send them off!

Full Disclaimer – I’ve never actually sent these as postcards before so mail at your own risk. Each country will have their own sizing restrictions but if you feel like risking the cost of a stamp then give it a go. I’ll be putting some of these in the mail today so I’ll update this post once I know the outcome.

Heart Breaker PDF
Kiss My You Fool PDF

Happy Valentines to all!


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2 Responses to Free Printable Valentines

  1. Diana says:

    These are adorable and so is your daughter! I have seen a lot of printables for Valentine’s Day and I think these are the sweetest!! xoxo

    Stopping by as East Coast Creatives new blog assistant! ;)

    And as your friend of course!! xoxo

  2. Jess says:

    I love these so much! Thanks for sharing your talent! Here’s how we used them:

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